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About Warung

In Indonesia a warung is a type of small family-owned business, a small retail, eatery or café in Indonesia. A warung is an essential part of daily life in Indonesia. In the passage of time, the term warung has slightly shifted, especially among foreign visitors, expatriates, and people abroad, to refer more specifically to a modest Indonesian eatery or a place that sells Indonesian retail things (mostly groceries or foodstuff. But for the majority of Indonesians, the meaning is still a small, neighborhood convenience shop, often a front room in a family’s home.

There are many kinds of warung, some take the form of a small shop that sells cold bottled drinks, candy, cigarettes, snacks and other daily necessities, while the larger ones are small restaurant establishments. A warung that sells food typically sells local food; pisang goreng and many kinds of gorengan, nasi gorent (fried rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles).

Our founder, Iis was born in Bandung, Indonesia between volcanoes and tea plantations. She belongs to Indonesia’s second-largest ethnic group, the Sundanese people.

Sundanese cuisine is characterised by its freshness. Taught by her hard-working mom, Iis has been cooking since a young age. When she later in life moved to Koh Phangan, Thailand, she realized there was no Indonesian restaurant on the island. So, she took matters into her own hands and opened her first Indonesia restaurant on the island and named it Warung! The restaurant became quickly popular and when she later moved to Denmark, she decided to open her second Warung, right here in Copenhagen.

Opened in 2024, Warung has a menu inspired by Iis’ favorite childhood dishes. Every bite brings the Sundanese cuisine to life. Iis is passionate about creating authentic Indonesian food for people to enjoy the amazing flavors she grew up with.